Geese Flee the Scene

Our Mission

Green Acres Goose Control (GAGC) is committed to the humane management of Canada geese using trained Border Collies as an environmentally responsible and effective deterrence service. GAGC’s mission is to protect the health of the landscape and interests of the community while preventing long-term dwelling and property damage caused by flocks of migrant and local Canada geese.

Cooperation between Man and Nature

It will take a combination of tools and strategies to restore harmony between urban Canada geese and people. The solutions to the conflicts will not come from state and federal agencies or nongovernmental organizations, but from individuals and communities that care about the birds, the environment, and the well-being of their communities.

–the Humane Society of the United States

Border Collies are Mother Nature’s answer to the plaguing geese problem. For hundreds of years these working stock-dogs have used their unique inner drive to gently maneuver cattle and fowl with their prodding body language and suggestive eye. Herding Canada geese from ponds and chasing them from grassy fields is new work for the oldest breed of canine workaholics.

Canada Geese are beautiful in flight, although, while grounded they quickly become a nuisance, stripping properties of their vegetation and depositing waste in their wake. Overgrazing is a real threat to the health of a lawn or field. Furthermore, the droppings Canada geese leave behind contain bacteria that can be unhealthy and ecologically unfriendly, not to mention unsightly. It is estimated that one adult goose can eat up to 4 lbs of grass daily, leaving behind approximately 2 lbs of feces per day. Multiply that by the tens to hundreds of geese that often travel together and inhabit a property, and the total damage can be severe. The cost of proactive deterrence is always less then damage control.